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Chris Emory

I'm still playing PUBG (as it the common term) and enjoying it as much now as ever, even though I've been without the chicken dinner for a bit.

I've also started playing Domina, a $5 Steam sale pickup that is making my dreams or running a ludus in Ancient Rome out of Spartacus come true.

I've been playing lots and lots of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds. It is like if you took DayZ and distilled it into something fun, exciting, and infinitely replayable. 

It is the best game I've played this year.

Tokyo 42 - You were framed for murder, forced to go underground and become an assassin, and murder targets in order to clear your name from..... the first murder you didn't commit.

I love that circular logic, and I love the setting; it's an isometric shooter, all futuristic blade-runner-y Japan style, but  neon and pastel instead of neon and drab.

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