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Currently Playing:

Still playing Battlegrounds, but mostly still playing bits and pieces of other things.

Golf Story has been my game of choice right now.  If you own a Switch you DEFINITELY need to play this game.

Also been playing Heat Signature on & off a bit, that game seems cool, but the aesthetic isn't doing it for me like Gunpoint did.

I also finally got to play Cuphead, which is EXTREMELY difficult but also gorgeous and super fun to play.

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You Should Play:

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice | Steam GOGPS4 $29.99

From TWIG: How I Spent My Summer Vacation Special Edition

It’s also amazing to see a fantasy game take on such a heavy subject like mental illness head on, and the way it’s presented is mostly with the main character being constantly bombarded with voices from all directions...  It’s an absolute must play and easily one of the most “adult” games I’ve played this year.

Dead Cells | Steam | Humble | $16.99

From Thoughts on - Dead Cells

Controls are paramount in a game like this, and the amount of time I’ll devote to these types of games is expressly tied to how it feels to play.  Dead Cells certainly doesn’t disappoint.  The jumping and movement all feel precise and crisp, whether using an analog stick or d-pad.  The platforming is generally excellent...This means nothing is out of reach, especially since the fluidity of movement is fantastic...Overall though I never feel like I can’t get to where I’m going, once you get where you’re going though, things can escalate quickly.