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Divinity Original Sin 2

Completely surprised by my desire to play and keep playing Divinity Original Sin 2. I bounced off the original after about 30 hours and that really felt like a slogged.

Maybe this traditional CRPG has hit me at the exact right moment, but I'm currently playing a single player and a co-op campaign at the same time.

I am really enjoying how well this is written and how freeing the systems, morality, and interactions Divinity are. So far, it really feels like a masterclass in quest design.

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Best and most expensive pair of headphones I've ever bought. At $239.99 (reg price $299.99), it IS pricey. However, the sound quality is great, bass is phenomenal, and continuously comfortable.

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Thimbleweed Park | Steam $19.99 | GOG $19.99

I just bought this game from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick of Monkey Island fame. the trailers are great and there is a weird Twin Peaks, noir, and Maniac Mansion vibe to everything. Once I play a bit, expect some written thoughts.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice | Steam $29.99 | GOG $29.99

I beat Hellblade several weeks ago, and I've been working on getting a write up on it. Hellblade is quite the experience with some shortcomings. The story and atmosphere though are top-notch. You should do a little research and reading about what the game entails so you know what to fully expect. Also, check this video.

Golf Story | Nintendo Store $14.99

Golf Story is probably the most fun I've had with my Nintendo Switch this year. I'll probably be saying this about Mario Odyssey in about a couple of weeks. Golf Story is a great Earthbound-esque RPG about golf that is goofy with loads of character and fun.

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