That Goose Game is Pretty Good

I am Goose, taker of bells.

Hear me honk.

I’ve finally beaten a game in 2019.

Between responsibilities with my family and just being an adult, it’s been a busy year leaving me with less time than ever it seems to complete things in general, so this is a minor achievement for me.

So how is Untitled Goose Game?

It’s quite good.

Why you ask? Well, you take the role of a unkind goose; if that sentence doesn’t intrigue you or tickle you in some way, then maybe this website isn’t quite for you.

As said goose, you can waddle, waddle slightly faster, pick things up, and honk. Using this mix of abilities, you achieve objectives in small portions of the town you’re terrorizing in order to proceed to another part of the town.

For instance, I once stole a child’s toy plane, planted it by a phone booth, and when he went to retrieve his plane, scared him with a honk causing him to flee in terror into the phone booth and barricade himself within.

Oh, but that’s not it.

The proprietor of the electronics store next door heard the commotion, and in his rush to assist the scared child within the phone booth, I snuck into his store and switched the TVs in the window onto a local camera feed, putting my goose-self onto multiple screens in the shop windows.

Two tasks scratched from my checklist.

The game is full of moments like these - causing people to fall down, get soaked, lose things, get stuck - and each is a small joy.

You can see the papercraft style art and bright colors they use which I find pleasing and runs very well on the Nintendo Switch.

I love the game’s use of sound as well; music is used very sparingly, playing only to highlight an act of yours towards completing an objective. Well, that and your honking.

The game doesn’t last but a couple hours, but that’s enough. And if you have kids, they think it’s hilarious to be a honking goose who isn’t the nicest.