Unique Drops Plays - Political Animals

Another game to be featured at our Unique Drops Live @ Renton City Retro will be Political Animals.

Deemed an "election simulator," you head up a campaign to become president of one of a number of fictional (but recognizable) countries - and you're an animal.  Literally.

The game is turn based, allowing you to employ your strategy and keep track of your opponent's exploits - it almost gives off a Crusader Kings II vibe in that you choose different regions to influence, but you are limited in any given turn as to how much you can do.  Manage your team to raise funds, sabotage your opponent, and convince your fellow countryme....animals to elect you - whatever the costs.

Unique Drops Plays - For The King

We're host another Unique Drops Live booth, this time at Renton City Retro on April 9th, and IronOak Games was nice enough to let us demo For The King for those who stop by, so we wanted to give you all a look at what the game looks like for an extended play.

We were lucky enough to try For The King at PAX last year and I know Jon was really impressed with what he played.  Our collective experience during this Let's Play did not disappoint - the game is multifaceted, being part hex-grid strategy game, part turn-based JRPG, and part roguelike with procedural maps, quests, and events.