Welcome to Unique Drops.

Our goal is to bring to light unique perspectives influenced by or within the gaming sphere.  Our “drops” come in the form of digital medium, be it written articles or editorials, artwork, music, video, or otherwise.  

The name Unique Drops is intended as a polysemy of sorts; for the RPG crowd, they may recognize unique drops in the spoils after a battle.  It also could be a EDM “drop,” or maybe a hip-hop DJ’s beat or a musicians' new album.  Part of our focus will be on the cultural scope that has influences beyond gaming itself, and the name is intended in part to echo that.

As this “video game blog” idea isn’t exactly a new or unique in and of itself, we’ve decided to focus our efforts in areas that we feel are underrepresented.  

  1. We want to reflect on the culture of games and players, as well as their impact on culture as a whole.  We’ve all witnessed gaming become ingrained into culture at large, many of us growing up along side gaming and taking it with us into the wider world.  We will dive into the impact of that ever widening reach, as well as look within in order to discover and understand the factions and niches within the gaming culture itself.

  2. The gaming community.  Our game culture comes from the fact that games have created a community based on shared experiences.  We want to highlight and celebrate that.  We welcome interaction be it on social media (twitter @unique_drops) or otherwise.  We are always looking to share unique perspectives, and we certainly don’t have a monopoly on that, so if you have some content you’d like to share, please let us know.

  3. Unique takes on the gaming industry, with a heavy emphasis on the flourishing indie gaming scene.  The gaming economy has only grown and shows no signs of slowing, and we hope to be a guide of sorts to the most interesting and well executed games coming from independent development teams.