Toya Time - NYCC 2019 Hasbro Reveals and Thoughts

It is New York Comic Con weekend, and there have been some great reveals and enticing toys.

First up, Hasbro showed off a bunch of highly anticipated figures. Doctor Doom was revealed at SDCC a few months back, but this time the Hero of Latveria was on the show floor and we get some really nice detailed pictures. Doom comes with some alternative hands, a pistol, and an alternative head. He is expected to be out Spring 2020 as part of a brand new Fantastic Four wave.

Fantastic Four wave you ask? Marvel’s first family get updated modern costumes and looks new head sculpts, and shoes with what looks like small cleats (?). Mister Fantastic comes with two sets of hands, and one of them has elongated fingers that look strange and a little disturbing. However, the new head sculpt looks great! Invisible Woman now comes with a force field effect and I wonder if I can use the translucent hands from the previous version on this new one. Human Torch is in non-Flame-On mode but this new flame hands and accessories. This would make a great supplement to the previous 100% on fire Johnny Storm. Lastly, Thing looks largely unchanged except for new shorts and head. The head looks completely fantastic and would almost merit purchasing if it is completely with the previous Thing, which is one of my favorite Marvel Legends.

Also part of the wave is She-Hulk. She only comes with alternative hands, but the figure looks perfect with a ripped shirt and great looking, flowing hair. I am extremely excited to add this one to my collection. There was no word on the BAF for this wave, but I’m hoping that it would be Super-Skrull.

Rounding out the Marvel Legends news is Hasbro’s commitment to X-Force with (another) Deadpool, Warpath, and Sunspot. I’ve never been an X-Force fan, but the upcoming releases are slowly breaking down my resolve!

But wait there’s more! After years of waiting and speculation, Stan Lee is getting a new Marvel Legends release. It comes with a folded chessboard (!) and a Captain America Shield with a print of Stan the Man’s signature (!!). It should release in June 2020 with preorders on with a wider release afterwards.

Hasbro also had some new Transformers on the floor. I’ve been very tempted by these in the past, but lack of shelf space and starting a new line is daunting. Still, these are tremendous looking figures. Among the many reveals, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Optimus are the three I am most interested in. Wheeljack’s ($29.99) car mode looks sweet with its racing lines, Starscream ($29.99) is pitch perfect, and Optimus Prime’s ($49.99) classic look comes with trailer and a matrix of leadership. The expected street date for these is 3/1/2020.

NYCC 2019 is a reminder that Hasbro has been absolutely on fire for the past year or so. They have got classic characters mixed in with smaller fan favorites in a lineup that is extremely diverse while maintaining a reasonable price.