Unique Drops Plays - Yakuza Zero

Yakuza Zero is an experience not to be missed.  

A vibrant open world full of 80s shoulder pads and music; an insane amounts of side quests and games from slot car racing, batting cages, real estate management, dance battles, fishing, running night clubs, and more; all of it paints the backdrop to the story of two Yakuza making their way in the Japanese underground.

Unique Drops Plays - Nintendo Switch & The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You get a Switch! You get a Switch! Everyone (at Unique Drops) gets a Switch!

We're all hyped about the new Nintendo hardware, so we go over our early impressions and delve into the newest entry into the Zelda series.

Spoiler: Zelda is wonderful and can't be missed - get it on WiiU if you have to.  The Switch is good but has a lot of prove - but can a sub-1080p system make it's way in a 1080p world?

The Last Night (or A Pixel Tease From Odd Tales)

I'm not exactly sure what The Last Night is except that it's certainly beautiful and it's touted as a "post-cyberpunk cinematic platformer", or so it says in the email I got today:

"the winning prototype debuted at the #cyberpunkjam, almost three years ago, fans have clamored for any inkling on what Odd Tales has been up to since. The team, led by the creative director Tim Soret, have only given scant glimpses here and there"

So keep an eye out for news from Odd Tales and Raw Fury for updates. 

The Last Night taxi screenshot

Unique Drops Plays - Eon Altar

"Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat." 

The crew gets into some real ROLE PLAYING as we check out Eon Altar.

It's a couch co-op turn-based fantasy RPG where your smart device is also your controller which adds a new dimension of play as certain dialogue options appear only to you, and you choose if it's information you want to share - or not.

You can also get the title from our partner White Tie Games through this link - Unique Drops will get a small % of the proceeds from the sale (so if you buy it from there, THANK YOU!).