Welcome to Unique Drops.  

Mission statement - updated September 27, 2016:

To curate for our readers, the most interesting games (be it AAA or indie video games, tabletop, card games), highlight the best game inspired artwork, and tell the unique stories of contributors/creators within the community.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill

We are changing.  Not sure about the perfect part, but we are changing.

Our change isn’t to our core, but a realignment of priorities, and a re-branding of what we’re doing.  Our original mission statement outlined our intent to:

  1. Highlight video game culture and community
  2. Discuss video game’s impact on wider culture
  3. Highlight indie games

While Unique Drops will continue to write on industry and community trends, we’ve decided to shift our focus to a kind of curation for games (with a heavy emphasis on indie games).   The booming billion-dollar video game industry has resulted in a deluge of new game releases, and while there exists a great number of sites that will (somehow) quantify a game's quality, we hope to provide a more nuanced and personal approach, where knowing the individual providing the suggestion carries it own weight.

For our readers, this will really be a continuation of the status-quo - highlighting our favorite games, and providing our unique views on the games we’re playing now or in the future - in addition to continuing to highlight artwork inspired by games, the development of games, and the people responsible for it all.

While it may be an unnoticeable change externally, it helps us understand where we’re trying to go.

“If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” -Laurence J. Peter

Thank you for your continued support.

-Our Original Mission Statement:

Our goal is to share unique perspectives influenced by or within the gaming sphere in the form of digital medium, be it written articles or editorials, artwork, music, video, or otherwise.  (In conjunction with our website, check out our Instagram page where we share game or game influenced pictures, and follow us on Twitter where we engage and share with the game community.)

The name Unique Drops is intended as a polysemy of sorts; for the RPG crowd, drops may refer to rare items appearing via RNG; it could also be a beat “drop” from you favorite EDM or hip-hop DJ; or maybe it's when a rapper's releases their new album.  Part of our focus will be on the cultural scope that has influences beyond gaming itself, and the name is intended in part to echo that.

As this “video game blog” idea isn’t exactly a new or unique in and of itself, we’ve decided to focus the bulk our efforts to specific areas:  

  1. We will highlight and celebrate on the video game culture and community.  Our game culture (in both the broad sense, and the sub-cultures) is derived from the community created through shared experiences.  We will look within the community in order to discover, discuss, and understand the many trends, niches, and sub-cultures within the gaming culture itself, as well as provide content that highlights those groups or individuals' unique stories and perspectives.

  2. Participate in an ongoing discussion around video gaming's impact on culture as a whole.  Many of us grew up along side gaming and watched it grow from a "kids toy" into a medium debated as to it's merits as an art form, all the while, permeating into the world at large.  Those

  3. Provide our perspectives on video game industry, from developers to trends, with a heavy emphasis on the flourishing indie gaming scene.  The gaming economy has only grown and shows no signs of slowing, and we hope to be a moderator to spur constructive discussion, and a curator of sorts to the most interesting and well executed games coming from independent development teams.