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I picked up Mario + Rabbids and it's pretty darn good. There is a good amount of strategy/planning but it isn't harsh like some other tactical games.

Also still can't stop playing Battlegrounds nightly, and constantly getting excited about patch notes (what's wrong with me?).

Fortnite is still not bad, but it's got some definite "grind" to it that I'm not a big fan of.

Golf Story is such a good and addictive RPG that it almost justifies a Nintendo Switch purchase on its on.  

It is lovely.

Also, Destiny 2 sucks.


Windjammers is my new thing, playing primarily on the Vita, but the purchase is cross platform on the PS4 as well.

Cuphead is still going strong - I'm about 65% through the game according to my progress, and damn does it get hard down the stretch.


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